Two hours power cut at Gandhi hospital effecting emergency services

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A power cut in Gandhi hospital lasted more than two hours on Thursday — severely affecting emergency services and the hospital was lit by candles, mobile phones and torches.

Patients at the hospital faced a tough time due to blackout. Corona positive patients who are in isolation ward and critical corona patients on life support ventilation were particularly affected by the blackout.

Patients made video showing darkness in isolation wards due to power cut which was even shared on social media. When there was no response from hospital staff, corona patients did strike inside the isolation ward after which power was restored.

Health Minister of Telangana Eatala Rajender took serious note of this incident and instructed officials to arrange Generator in Gandhi Hospital immediately.

He ordered officials to make sure that there is generator facility available in each and every government hospital including non-covid hospital. He also told officials to keep sufficient stock of diesel for smooth supply for power and told not to refrain from using private generators in case if government hospital don’t have generator or existing generator not working.

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It is to be notice that similar power cut was reported in same Gandhi Hospital on 24 July 2016 for 5 hours because of which 21 patients died.

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