US Elections: Discrepancies in the Clark County Commission C race

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The Clark County Commission is meeting soon to canvass its results in the election. Attorney Craig Mueller is here in front of the Clark County Commish asking for a “total revote.” Mueller is alleging that the Clark County registrar “flooded the county” with an additional 93,000 ballots, which he says wouldn’t have been a problem if not for the sig ver machine.

Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria is now speaking before the commission. He’s going through thanking people who were involved in the election process, including local law enforcement and fire, shopping centers that offered space for polling sites, etc.

Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria reads into his record the results of the canvass, which found 936 discrepancies, including 710 in mail precincts, 121 in early voting precincts and 105 in Election Day precincts.
Gloria says those discrepancies include:

  • 6 voters who voted twice
  • Mail ballot issues (w/ ballot cure process, counting board process, and tracking ballots from sig ver to manual verification)
  • Early vote/election day issues (cancelled voter check ins, check in errors, etc.)

There were 60,109 provisional ballots, 57,866 were accepted and 2,243 were rejected. Those rejected include:

  • 115 who had already voted
  • 142 voted in wrong precinct
  • 8 not eligible to vote
  • 1,925 not registered to vote
  • 53 did not provide adequate proof of residence

Clark County Commissioner Larry Brown had made a motion to accept the results of the election EXCEPT in County Commission District C, the Stavros Anthony-Ross Miller race. (That’s Brown’s district.) Gloria says he HAS found discrepancies in the Clark County Commission C race that he can’t reconcile. There are a total of 139 discrepancies in that race that he acknowledges “could affect the outcome of the election.”

Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria on the Clark County Commission District C race: “We have found discrepancies that we can’t explain that would cast a doubt on whether or not that margin of victory is solid.”
Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria notes that the ONLY race they have an issue with is the Commission District C race, because of the 10-vote margin: “That’s the only race in the entire election we have any concern related to the outcome. And it’s because of the margin.”

Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom is pressing the point that if there is a recount, the same discrepancies would still be present. A recount does not address those discrepancies. They’re now discussing the fact that Clark County could set up a special election just for ONE particular race (in this case Clark County Commission District C) to re-run the election if it doesn’t certify the results of that particular race.

It sounds like there are essentially two routes: Either the Clark County Commission could make a decision on the revote today OR they could certify the results of the election, Stavros Anthony takes the matter to court, and a court could order a revote. Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria says there is no election that goes without identified discrepancies. The issue here is the margin of victory. Gloria says they go through to ensure the discrepancies are smaller than the margin of victory, which isn’t true in this case.

Clark County Commissioner Larry Brown is now amending his motion, asking the Clark County registrar to come back at their first meeting in December with options for a special election in the race. Gloria says the cost of a special election depends on how the election is held. He says that he will prepare those numbers to present to the commission at their meeting.

Here’s the motion again from Commissioner Brown: Certify the election results except for Clark County Commission District C. Ask the registrar to come back at the commission’s first meeting in December with options for a special election in District C only.

The Clark County Commission approves this motion. The results of the election in Clark County are now certified except for District C.
Clark County Commission Chair Marilyn Kirkpatrick what is going to happen to the people who voted twice. “I hope that we’re going to go after them” she says.

Gloria says the cases will be referred to the SOS for investigation.

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