Vijay Patel unmasking designers of planned protests like CAA, farmer protests and Dismantling Global Hindutva conference.

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The article by Vijay Patel a twitter activist who exposed the “Dismantling Global Hindutva Conference” and many such protests. Read the complete thread and understand the forces behind the protests.

In 2011 communists in the USA had started the ‘Occupy Movement’ They have occupied many cities. ‘Occupy Wall street’ was the biggest and longest protest at that time. Protesters had occupied wall street for months. Ania Loomba daughter of communist parents and professor at Pennsylvania university had played a very crucial role in this protest. Her communist husband Suvir Kaul was also part of this. This couple has made an umbrella organization of many different dubious organizations ‘the ‘Coalition Against Fascism in India’ (CAFI) in august 2019. See the list of their partner organizations. propaganda historian Audrey Truschke is also part of this.

in September 2019 Narendra Modi Ji visited the USA. This communist CAFI and their partners have organized a protest against Modi Ji. Just read what was their statements for this protest. you will have an idea of their mentality and propaganda.

Ania Loomba and all other NRI communists are working hand to hand with the communist party CPI(M). She is also well connected with other Indian communists which are working in different fields like journalism and education in India.

Now let me show you an interview of Ania Loomba on his role in occupy movement in 2011. She talked about the strategy to use women in protest. Be it the farmer protest or the CAA protest, they were started by communist organizations and more people and organizations joined as per their personal goals. E.G. Khalistani in farmer protest and Muslim organization in CAA protest. Communist farmer organizations of Punjab, Hariyana, and UP has started to misinform farmers about new farm law just after it was passed in parliament. In occupy wall street movement they have a tent city to stay in. They have their own newspaper. They have a medical facility and they have a library on the protest site. Read the complete thread from the below tweet.

The views expressed above is completely by Vijay Patel. Telangana Mata is no way related to the above content.

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