What are the lessons learnt from the deadly pandemic

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What are the lessons learnt from the deadly pandemic ? how has it changed our normal way of life?

In a race called life we all are perhaps running like headless chickens towards an undefined unknown destination until the race is called off and we are left stranded, without iota of knowledge what to do. This Corona pandemic was unprecedented, was uncalled for and left many of us shocked, angry, frustrated, depressed, helpless and hopless

Slowly we have started conditioning ourselves in different ways of coping with the crisis. The cycle of acceptance clearly demonstrates the stages we go through while dealing with the crisis

Developed by Jack Harich

The sooner we progress from the stage of denial to the stage of acceptance the easier it becomes for us to understand, cope and take adequate measures to deal with a problem.

This pandemic taught us many important value points

  • Nothing is permanent. Change is inevitable. Time and tide wait for none.
  • We may lose some battles but we are not losing the war.
  • Appreciation for smaller things in life. Things we took for granted like spending time together, pursuing our hobbies, cooking, reading, art, painting, listening to music
  • Living in the present moment. Not to dwell on the past nor to worry about the future but live in the present
  • Importance of family. Pandemic gave us the time for family bonding.
  • There is no place like home. East or West home is the best.
  • Kindness and helping others goes a long way in saving lives
  • Gratitude to god for keeping us alive and praying for strength to overcome the crisis
  • Take a pause every now and then, not be in a hurry or run after things in life
  • Nothing is impossible even impossible says I’m possible
  • Isolation is important sometimes. It is sometimes important to spend time with ourselves, introspect and think what we need and what we want to do with our lives
  • And last but not the least prevention is always better than cure

So let us take this opportunity and make the best of it.

Mask up, stay safe, stay healthy and stay happy. Yes!! Together we will fight and overcome this pandemic


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