Who is Health Minister of Telangana Eatala ? Or KTR or KCR ? :MP Konda Vishweshwar Reddy

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Who is Health Minister of Telangana.? Eatala Rajender ? Or KTR or KCR ?

Why there is photo of Muncipal Minister on a hoarding placed for corona awareness instead of Health Minister questioned Chevella Ex-MP Konda Vishweshwar Reddy. On Tuesday Ranga reddy congress meeting was held at Gandhi Bhavan where Konda Vishweshwar Reddy raised this issue while addressing media.

KCR failed in controlling corona. CM KCR and his son KTR are taking decisions of Health Ministry which should be taken by Health Minister Eatala Rajender. They have tied hands and legs of Eatala Rajender and not allowing him to work at all.

Will Eatala ever talk on Health Issues ? Each and every issue is being talked by father and son. They think only they have knowledge in each and every issue which is not correct.

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How can one teach doctor about medicines ? You can be genius but if you say only you know each and issue then it’s wrong.

If we keep aside politics, KCR has even forgotten ArogyaSri Scheme which was Introduced by none other than YSR. KCR has forgotten everything while dreaming of Kaleshwaram. Telangana Government should immediately release funds to Health Department.

Govt should immediately buy bulk test kits and distribute to every district for doing testing. Every state is allowing private labs to do testing but telangana is not allowing. Testing should increase across Telangana. I am using 6 fogging machines where as Govt is not having fogging machine. They should immediately do fogging to control trans mission of virus.

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