Why “Left” changing their heroes from Lenin, Stalin to Baba Saheb, Bhagat Singh, Sahu…

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Earlier leftist regarded Lenin, Stalin or Mao as their heroes and when these men lost their relevance, the left dramatically changed their heroes to Babasaheb, Bhagat Singh, Shahu and others. Why and how they use these names effectively.


We have seen that in every protest staged by left, there are posters of Babasaheb or Bhagat Singh and it changes as we go from region to region. In Maharashtra we see faces of Chh.Shahu Maharaj and Phule, while in Bihar we’ve seen left using the name of Birsa munda. When they use these names in a protest,t he masses feel connected to them, they use it very effectively under a beautiful name of “SAVING CONSTITUION” or saving the “SECULAR FABRIC OF THIS NATION”. Cleverly hiding their agenda behind all these things.


These names have deep impact in the pockets of our nation. I have seen in my village to, that whenever name of Babasaheb is taken, a person from the right-wing steps back and the main reason being we as right-wingers have never tried to fully understand Babasaheb.

Our lack of knowledge about the icons who have a greater impact on a society is what makes the left powerful. They know, even if we protest with these names, the right wing will not do anything to stop. The left claims to be the champion of Constitution, while they are the real threat to the book, but they project themselves so and it has helped them a lot.

They use the names of Chh. Shahu Maharaj regarding his work to uplift the Dalit and showing him anti- Hindu while shrewdly hiding the fact that he was called “HINDU-PADPADSHAH” and why are they able to do so ?
because we as proud Hindus have failed to project the right thing.

They use the name of Birsa Munda to lure in some Adivasi’s, they claim to be his followers, but cleverly hide his greatest work that he was one of the first revolutionary who stopped missionaries to enter into the adivasi areas. Again ! Why is this happening ? because we right wingers have very little knowledge about Birsa Munda.

Speaking of Bhagat Singh, they use his name to peddle their agenda for resistance or revolution, no doubt he is the epitome of revolution, but
his fight was against the British to make this country free while the people who use his name are fighting to break this country ! This is happening because of the reason mentioned above.

Left-wing has always defamed icons like Savarkar or Swami Vivekananda for their pro-Hindu stand. But when someone calls VEER SAVARKAR, MAFI VEER how many of us can place the proofs in front of these leftists? do we dare to hound them for them for their misdeeds?

Babasaheb Ambedkar was a vocal “VIRODHAK” of the communist ideology. In one of his interview to Prasar Bharti, he clearly said Democracy and communism can never go hand in hand, but leftists have made him as their icon while he must and must be the icon of us the right wingers.


Left-wing has one powerful tool is that they stand together behind a person even if he/she is wrong ! their main agenda is to destroy the nation piece by piece. They do so by writing books, making movies, changing history and they are able to do so because they are full with intellectuals. Many of you may deny this, but this is a fact. We need intellectuals, we need the people who will set the narrative, this is not the time to fight with each other.

The ethics of left are nowhere close to that of the men they regard, but they are successful in projecting so and its high time that we must embrace the values of men like Babasaheb and Savarkar parallelly and make them our heroes. Make sure their work reaches to the depths of the society and then and only then we will be able to change the narrative !


Malhar Pandey

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