World Environment Day: Will We Succeed in Saving Our Planet Before It’s Too Late?

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For centuries dense forests have served as a natural habitat to numerous kinds of species on earth. Forests are the only place on our planet, where most species flourish. These natural habitats have religiously served the purpose of man’s sustenance. Research suggests that planting and maintaining millions of trees worldwide is the easiest and most efficient way to eliminate excess CO2 out of the atmosphere.

Despite being aware of the fact that conservation of nature is the only solution to save our planet from complete chaos, humans, especially multinationals have continued to indiscriminately exploit natural resources. Reports from the World Wide Fund suggest that in the last 50 years, there’s been a 33% decline in the natural resources of our planet. Now that’s an alarming percentage, especially when we are already dealing with climate change, global warming and infectious disease.

The environment we live in, can be justly compared to a bouquet of natural resources that provide us with shelter, H2O and food grains. Predominantly, 70% of the oxygen that is available to us right now, is supplied by the oceans, while the other 30% comes from the trees. Owing to the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, humans worldwide are experiencing metamorphosis. In Spite of the differences in opinions among different communities, pertaining to this virus, one message is universal- Planet Earth is Repairing Itself!

Periodically, many species of plants and animals have been wiped off from the face of our planet in massive numbers. Nonetheless, it comes as a surprise to know that Homosapiens have somehow managed to multiply rapidly. The quality of our life depends on the quality of our immediate environment. An environment consisting of pollutants will only lead to a weaker race. While global temperatures keep on rising, the threat of natural calamities such as floods, droughts and earthquakes also increases.

Habitat loss is definitely a disaster for various species of animals, birds and marine creatures, but it also poses a threat to the existence of humankind. Deforestation and agricultural activities are responsible for bat associated viruses. For instance, bat viruses came into existence as a result of habitat loss caused by human activities like agricultural expansion and illegal logging. Global temperatures are on the rise and so is the threat of natural calamities such as floods, droughts and earthquakes.

Trees possess renewable, as well as biodegradable properties, which make them highly precious. Wood and its products are extensively used in the fields of construction and civil engineering. The conservation of trees is a collective effort which requires patience and responsibility. It’s always been a give and take relationship, however, somewhere down the line we lost our ethics and continued taking everything valuable from Mother Nature. This one sided approach has to stop immediately and biodiversity enhancing measures need to be implemented at the earliest.

Happy World Environment Day 2020! #saveourplanet

Author: Dinesh Vaswani
Twitter: @dmostvalued

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